Enterprise Data Management

Master Data Management


Master Data Management is a key to allowing a company to achieve a single version of the truth. By standardizing areas of data and making them available pervasively to other systems, issues around data quality, reporting consistency, and multiple sources of data origination can be resolved. Vendors offer solutions but migration from existing practices can be lengthy and risky given that Master Data is used for operational as well as analytic purposes.
A truly robust MDM program considers Data Quality, Data Integration, and Data Governance. NG Solutions’ combined experience in all of these areas allows us to deliver broad solutions incorporating each aspect of Enterprise Data Management (EDM).
Before committing your resources and budget to an MDM initiative, start with an assessment. An NG Solutions Master Data Management Assessment evaluates your program’s current state and defines a path a to a more ideal future state. The resulting roadmap outlines short-term and long-term steps to turn your vision into a reality. All assessment outputs are provided in clear business terms, tailored to your organization’s needs and priorities.
Master Data Management Assessment outputs include:
    • Current State Analysis: May include consolidated interview results, documentation of MDM needs and alignment with business objectives, documentation of MDM’s place in relation to tandem enterprise efforts, a technology inventory and analysis, process findings, and current state data and integration architecture
    • Future State Vision: May include the definition of success based on business value and needs, technology recommendations, MDM architecture recommendations and MDM strategy, as well as recommended implementation approach, reference data approach, and organizational recommendation
    • Gap Analysis: Identifies the delta between current state and desired future state vision
    • Roadmap: Includes a value/cost matrix (business use cases that a technical MDM solution can support) and project identification, including duration, roles, cost, and prioritization
    • Presentation: Presented to your organization’s MDM stakeholders detailing all of the findings, recommendations, results, and roadmap


The NG Solutions Master Data Management Methodology includes the creation of a centralized information hub that avoids traditional point-to-point integration of applications.
We start by leveraging the assessment results, which provide our team with an overall understanding of the current state environment, the desired future state vision, and the implementation recommendations. This enables the team to hit the ground running.
During the requirements and analysis phase, we leverage information gained from the Assessment and work closely with the client to develop business and technical requirements, pertinent models, and the overall architectural design.
Then we deliver in iterations, using an Agile approach for faster delivery of the highest value solutions. The iterations consist of Design, Develop, and Test cycles. Several iterations may become a release, which is then deployed to production.
NG Solutions works hand-in-hand with your business to ensure knowledge transfer and continuous support throughout the duration of the project.
NG Solutions can standardize the master and reference data for your enterprise and make it available to your operational systems– improving data quality, improving efficiency, and helping you to really know your customers, your suppliers, and your business. Questions about our services? Ask Dolores!