Healthcare Analytics Continuum

As healthcare organizations become more data-driven, they move from heavily manual data management and reporting processes that address simple queries to handling bigger data volumes on a platform that supports predictive analytics and complex questions.

Clinical Analytics bring together clinical, financial and operational data to answer questions and perform retrospective analysis about how healthcare organizations are running, the state of their patient populations and the effectiveness of programs:

  • What are the key health indicators across my patient/member population?
  • What are the provider quality scores?
  • What is the total cost of care?
  • What is our productivity and resource utilization?

Advanced Analytics, which are more predictive and forward–looking in nature, often focus on making predictions regarding at-risk patients:

  • What are the main predictors for readmission?
  • Which patients/members are most at risk for a bad outcome or ongoing treatment?
  • How can I intervene to incentivize patients/members to make better choices?
  • What treatment programs lead to the best outcome for this patient/member?

Using integrated data management and analytics capabilities, the NG Solutions Group will collaborate with you to extract insights that enable your healthcare organization to improve operational performance, advance clinical analysis and manage to quality metrics.