Specialty Services


We offer a variety of proprietary and enriched data sets to provide better insight into your current transactional and operational data while giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether you're looking for a direct connection to our SnowFlake Cloud data portal or would like to utilize NG Solutions seasoned professional services team to integrate your various business data sources with our enriched data sets, we're available to help in your effort.


Ask us about our near real-time CENSUS and EDGAR SEC data sets. No more combing through competitor related data to extract the right metrics for your industry. You can eliminate timely and costly labor hours by leveraging our proprietary extraction techniques. We provide a variety of tier-level packages (i.e. based on composite metrics and refresh frequency) designed to address your business needs.



Snowflake leverages established best practices for security controls and works with AICPA-certified, third-party auditors to maintain security compliance and attestations including SOC 2, Type II. Snowflake is also PCI DSS certified, FedRamp Ready and HIPAA compliant, with the processes and controls in place required by the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).