Enterprise Data Management

Data Governance

In your organization, do people get confused by which metric or report to use? Do they struggle to find the data they need? Are they surprised when unannounced upstream changes impact their reporting or operations? All of these symptoms can be quelled with a robust data governance program. Sound data governance transcends process, organizational, and system boundaries, providing protection for the lifeblood of any organization: data. NG Solutions’ expertise in creating new data governance programs and modernizing legacy programs ensures your business gets the most value from its data.

Our Approach
Datasource leverages a proven approach to help companies extract the value from their data. To be successful, data governance must be customized to fit your organization, so our methodology focuses on understanding the environment and stakeholder perceptions.

  • Assess & Analyze – We assess your environment to understand the best data governance approach for your organization.
  • Survey & Baseline – We conduct a survey to understand and create a baseline of perceptions about data governance across stakeholder groups.
  • Plan & Recommend – We create your data governance roadmap.
  • Consult – We conduct periodic check-ins to help ensure program vitality and track progress against baseline perceptions.

The Benefits
An effective data governance program starts with a partnership and leverages our expertise and your organizational knowledge to improve:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
  • Operational Agility
  • System Maintenance, Development, and Replacement Costs
  • Information Security (InfoSec)
  • Collaboration Across Organizational Units
  • Strategic Alignment Business Value of Data

Assessment & Roadmap
Many organizations feel they need data governance, but may struggle to establish a compelling vision to gain necessary buy-in from key stakeholders. NG Solutions Data Governance Assessment puts the vision and value in clear business terms tailored to organizational needs. The assessment provides a clear case for action and a roadmap to progress from your present state to a brighter future. The data governance roadmap includes the following:

  • Current Environment Analysis Stakeholder Survey
  • Enterprise Data Framework (EDF)
  • Approach Recommendation
  • Staffing Recommendation
  • Phased Data Governance Program Plan
  • Supporting Technology Recommendations (optional)
  • Data Governance Business Case (optional)

Data Governance Coaching
If you already have a data governance program but are concerned about flagging stakeholder support, overall direction, or team fatigue, NG Solutions can help revitalize your program. Depending on your needs, NG Solutions can work with you on one or more of the following:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Data Value Optimization Brainstorming
  • Program Selling & Communications Plan
  • Team Retraining
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