At NG Solutions, we have seasoned SharePoint 365 architects available to assist with any aspect of your department site development—from assessment and strategy to full-blown implementation and everywhere in between. We can your SharePoint site with MS Project to facilitate collaborative project oversight. Our goal is simply to work side-by-side with your team stakeholders to […]

Merchandise Planning & Forecasting

We take a different approach to helping smaller businesses with their┬áMerchandise Planning & Forecasting activities who may not be ready for an enterprise solution. It’s geared toward companies that use QuickBooks and/or MS Excel to drive their business. You still need an integrated solution that allows your executive team, as well as your department management […]


We offer a variety of proprietary and enriched data sets to provide better insight into your current transactional and operational data while giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether you’re looking for a direct connection to our SnowFlake Cloud data portal or would like to utilize NG Solutions seasoned professional services team to […]