Data Integration

Today, companies and organization collect and own more datasets than ever before. While each dataset is individually valuable, in many cases, a deeper insight is only possible when the data is compiled to build a comprehensive view of the entire organization. Our data engineers are experts in: Back-end integration through ETL technologies Front-end integration through […]

Database Design

Database design can make or break your analytics application. Functionality, ease-of-use, performance, and maintainability depend on the design choices that are made early in the application development process. Our data architects have years of experience designing complex analytics applications, which are deployed at the largest enterprises in the world. A strong database design must consider: […]


Most companies and organizations need better analytics applications that enable them to gain actionable insight from their data. We have developed a proven analytics framework for helping our clients quickly and cost-effectively expand their analytics capabilities to reach their objectives. This framework is based on the following four distinct layers of analytics platform maturity: Descriptive […]