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We strive to understand our clients’ current challenges, business focus, and long-term objectives based on stakeholder testimony and overall executive vision.


We offer a variety of scalable solutions that meet current business objectives and future strategic initiatives while providing measurable benefit.


We develop solutions on-time and on-budget that can be transitioned to and owned by the business stakeholders.

Our Delivery

Data Integration

Today, companies and organization collect and own more datasets than ever before. While each dataset is individually valuable, in many cases, a deeper insight is only possible when the data is compiled to build a comprehensive view of the entire organization. Our data engineers are experts in: Back-end integration through ETL technologies Front-end integration through […]

Database Design

Database design can make or break your analytics application. Functionality, ease-of-use, performance, and maintainability depend on the design choices that are made early in the application development process. Our data architects have years of experience designing complex analytics applications, which are deployed at the largest enterprises in the world. A strong database design must consider: […]


Most companies and organizations need better analytics applications that enable them to gain actionable insight from their data. We have developed a proven analytics framework for helping our clients quickly and cost-effectively expand their analytics capabilities to reach their objectives. This framework is based on the following four distinct layers of analytics platform maturity: Descriptive […]

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Enterprise Data Management

Data Governance

In your organization, do people get confused by which metric or report to use? Do they struggle to find the data they need? Are they surprised when unannounced upstream changes impact their reporting or operations? All of these symptoms can be quelled with a robust data governance program. Sound data governance transcends process, organizational, and […]

Master Data Management

WHY MDM? Master Data Management is a key to allowing a company to achieve a single version of the truth. By standardizing areas of data and making them available pervasively to other systems, issues around data quality, reporting consistency, and multiple sources of data origination can be resolved. Vendors offer solutions but migration from existing […]

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Specialty Services


At NG Solutions, we have seasoned SharePoint 365 architects available to assist with any aspect of your department site development—from assessment and strategy to full-blown implementation and everywhere in between. We can your SharePoint site with MS Project to facilitate collaborative project oversight. Our goal is simply to work side-by-side with your team stakeholders to […]

Merchandise Planning & Forecasting

We take a different approach to helping smaller businesses with their Merchandise Planning & Forecasting activities who may not be ready for an enterprise solution. It’s geared toward companies that use QuickBooks and/or MS Excel to drive their business. You still need an integrated solution that allows your executive team, as well as your department management […]


We offer a variety of proprietary and enriched data sets to provide better insight into your current transactional and operational data while giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether you’re looking for a direct connection to our SnowFlake Cloud data portal or would like to utilize NG Solutions seasoned professional services team to […]

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Advanced analytics without the complexity

Transform your healthcare organization’s value with access to new and unprecedented amounts of data—across populations and at the level of the individual—for deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions. Enable new business models and efficiencies for cost management, and create new levels of collaboration between medical professionals and across the healthcare enterprise for better patient outcomes. At NG Solutions, we have a team of seasoned consultants who have extensive experience in integrating with and retrieving key data from Epic health systems, as well as Centricity EMR (part of GE Healthcare) and Allscripts.

The State of Healthcare

The need to do more with less carries extra pressure with healthcare providers because of the priority placed on delivering timely, effective treatments. How to reduce a patient’s time in surgery to accommodate more procedures in a day? Create a supply stocking system to optimize inventory? Determine where to build a new surgical center to […]

Healthcare Analytics Continuum

As healthcare organizations become more data-driven, they move from heavily manual data management and reporting processes that address simple queries to handling bigger data volumes on a platform that supports predictive analytics and complex questions. Clinical Analytics bring together clinical, financial and operational data to answer questions and perform retrospective analysis about how healthcare organizations […]

Preventing Hospital Readmissions

In October 2012, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began reducing Medicare payments for Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) hospitals with excess readmissions, which is based on a hospital’s number of “predicted” 30-day readmissions for selected high-cost or high-volume conditions and procedures (namely heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hip/knee replacement, […]

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Energy and Utilities

Transforming Energy and Utilities

Today’s energy and utility companies face an unfamiliar landscape in which they must integrate alternative energies, expand situational awareness across the system, and deepen their relationships with customers, while continuing to do what they have always done—delivering reliable, safe and affordable energy to everyone. The most successful companies will be the ones that can compete, optimize, engage and succeed on all these fronts, while anticipating further change. 

Our Mission

At NG Solutions, we take pride in listening to our client’s challenges and business needs to ensure we fully understand their operational and executive objectives; and we do this before proposing any strategy or solution. It’s less about selling and more about earning client confidence and trust as a professional service provider. Our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients to implement value-added systems that demonstrate measurable benefit and are fully sustainable upon our departure.

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